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97% of waste recycled, 0% to landfill

At Skip It we care what happens to your waste

We recycle:
Wood, metal, cardboard, hardcore and soil.
All the remaining materials are made into RDF bales, shipped to Holland and used as fuel in their power plants

We also allow these materials to be brought to our weighbridge for recycling

Please call us to book into our Newhaven weighbridge for general waste.
Please call us to book into our Portslade recycling centre for cardboard.
So if you are outside our area of collection it is possible for you to bring your waste to us!

If you are new to recycling and would like some tips on the best ways to start see our >useful guide on getting started!<

We follow three basic steps for achieving responsible recycling:

1Size It

We work with you to assess the correct size of skip for your needs. It’s important that you follow our guidelines as to what you can and can’t put in your skip. Check our FAQ’s section for details.

2Skip it

Once you have enough cardboard for us to collect, or you’ve filled your skip
we collect it and take it to our licensed waste management recycling facility.

3Sort It

Here, using the latest recycling techniques and technology, we sift, process and sort your waste into recyclable materials for re-use and the remainder goes into RDF bales, to be shipped to Holland for their recycled materials power plants as a fuel source. 97% of our waste is recycled and 0% to landfill.


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