Fly Tipping Offence

Fly-tipping within the UK means the illegal dumping of rubbish or large items on land not licensed to receive it. This can result in dangers to our health, as it pollutes the land and waterways. Subsequently, this could mean a large cost paid for by tax-payers in order to clear it away, which could have been better spend elsewhere.

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Fly-tipping is a serious criminal offence that can carry a large fine, or even a prison sentence, to anyone who is caught. It is also a criminal offence for someone to allow fly-tipping to take place without reporting it.

Plastic, often found within all kinds of rubbish, has long been a notorious danger within wildlife, which is why it is advised that they are cut beforehand. There are also numerous bags of old, rotting food that is often fly-tipped along with numerous other rubbish. This kind of rubbish could easily attract rats or flies that could potentially further any diseases bought to the site.

It’s important that if you discover any fly-tipped waste in your area, you do not attempt to clear it away. Do not touch the waste at all, as it could contain all types of objects that could be damageable to your health. It’s also a good idea to not disturb the site in anyway, as it could contain evidence to help identify the criminals, and then lead to their arrest.

Instead, you could try to work out what the waste consists of and how much there is. Make yourself a note of the date and time as well as the exact location where you found the fly-tipped rubbish, as well as if it is near or in water. It’s important you then report any waste crime to the Environment Agency.

It’s also a good idea to report a waste crime if you see anyone fly-tipping. Make sure you’ve made a note of how many people were involved and what they look like, what waste has been tipped and any vehicle details.

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