Personalised Recycling Resolutions

You’d be amazed to find out that at Skip-it we are able to recycle 97% of the waste from our skips! We’re extremely proud of this statistic as it makes us such a unique as a company. Some of you might be curious about our process, so we decided to share what happens to all your waste after our drivers pick it up.

skip waste


Once you’ve safely filled your skip, we go to retrieve it from your residence and take it to our waste management recycling facility, rather than a landfill site. This is the beginning of the recycling process we employ.


The process of sorting your waste is done through the use of the latest technology and techniques. The materials that can be recycled or reused are organised and sorted, meanwhile whatever remains goes into RDF bales. These bales are shipped to Holland for their recycled material power plants to be used as fuel. Through our method, 0% of our waste ends up in landfill which we believe is a massive achievement.


Did you know waste takes on some interesting transformations after it’s been recycled? For instance, newspapers can become telephone directories, egg cartons, building insulation, construction paper, berry boxes, paper board, paper plates, countertops and of course a new newspaper. The outcome of recycling one item is absolutely astonishing and it goes to show that there’s no need for extracting more of our natural resources when the materials we already have can still be used for so much.

Why we recycle your waste

At Skip-it we are committed to sustainable waste management. Our mission is to reduce the carbon footprint in order to do our bit to help plant earth. To do so we maximise on recycling in every way possible and minimise our output to landfill sites. We take great care in sorting through our skips so we don’t miss a single opportunity to recycle or reuse materials. Our ethos is focused on being green, and by choosing us you’re signing onto that ethos too as a way of taking action to help our environment.

If you’re interested in ordering any of our environmentally friendly skips, visit our website or our brand new app for quote on the prices and sizes that we offer.

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