Recycling Resolutions

Now the New Year has begun, many people have taken the time to think of what their New Year Resolution could be for the year ahead. We want to encourage you to pledge your resolution to reduce, reuse and recycle the waste you produce throughout 2017!

Go Paperless

Many people have already made the conscious decision to go paperless in recent years. If you haven’t made the change yet, let the New Year be the motivation you need to finally make the switch. Whether it’s your bank statements, bills, or catalogues, by getting them in a digital format rather than through the post will be a great step to helping the environment!


Food waste makes up a huge part of what ends up in landfill sites, so why not try composting what you can instead? Compost has the ability to convert food waste into energy, and returns valuable nutrients to soil in order to help it maintain quality and fertility. Not to mention it will save you money on chemical fertilisers and won’t burn plants due to its mild and slow release.

Say ‘No’ to Bags

With most shops making the change to charge for plastic bags, but we’d advise saying no to plastic bags full stop, and keeping hold of the ones you already own to reuse. Many plastic bags are non-biodegrable and leak harmful chemicals into water and soil upon disposable. They can also pose threats to animals, so we’d advise opting for bags that are easily reusable.

Coffee Cups

Are you prone to a quick coffee before work in the morning? Your coffee cup could be causing more harm than good. Many are lined with a layer of polyethylene which makes the cup waterproof, but also makes it difficult for effective recycling to take place. We suggest taking your own cup to your coffee shop of choice, which they’ll be more than happy to fill up for you!

Simply Improve

Take some time to simply improve on your recycling skills. We would suggest ensuring all paper is put into the recycling bin, and checking the packages of food items to see if they can be recycled, too. By taking the necessary steps to becoming better at recycling, you’ll be helping to keep our environment green, and then consider asking friends and family to do the same!

If you have your own recycling New Year resolutions, we’d love to hear what they are! Get in touch with a member of the Skip It team by visiting our contact page, giving us a call on 01273 608711 or by tweeting us @SkipItSussex.

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