So What can I recycle this Christmas?

Christmas is an extremely busy period of time for most people, which can mean important aspects of our home lives get forgotten about. Trying to keep on top of things like christmas recycling whilst relishing in the festivities can be a difficult task, but we’ve put together our top tips on how to ensure recycling remains at the top of your list this Christmas.

how to recycle at christmas

Wrapping Paper

You may have noticed there are huge variations of wrapping paper available in shops in the months before Christmas, and some of which are not recyclable, which is important to remember when christmas recycling. On Christmas day, when the time comes to bin all the wrapping paper that’s been strewn across the living room floor, ensure you have one bag for recyclable materials and one for rubbish. Usually, wrapping paper that is shiny, glossy or laminated cannot be recycled. Take this into consideration when the time comes to buy wrapping paper next Christmas. Alternatively, why not try using gift bags, as they can be reused time and time again.

Disposable Plates

Over Christmas, many people who are hosting large get-togethers opt for disposable plates, napkins and roasting trays in order to save a huge pile of washing up! Many people think these are recyclable, but more often than not, they are unable to be recycled and will therefore need to be binned. Paper plates can often be put into compost bins, whether you have one at home or local to you, which is a great way to continue helping the environment whilst still cutting down on washing up.


Online shopping is preferable way to Christmas shop for many people. However, this means more and more boxes are being used in order to deliver items. Cardboard is recyclable, and therefore results in less landfill. However, due to the sheer volume of cardboard boxes and other cardboard items around the Christmas period, this can mean recycling bins can overfill. We’d advise breaking down your cardboard by cutting it into small pieces, allowing them to take up less space in recycling bins.

Christmas Trees

If you are lucky enough to have a real Christmas tree within your homes this year, the great news is that these can be recycled or reused. Christmas trees can be reused if they still have the roots attached, as they are able to be replanted and looked after until Christmas comes back around next year. If your tree no longer has its roots attached, you can drop them off to your local recycling centre where it will be shredded into chippings in order to aid the growth of nature. If you don’t have a recycling centre local to you, many councils offer to dispose of Christmas trees, so ensure you check.

Christmas Food

It goes without saying- as a nation, we eat a lot of food over Christmas. However, there are usually a variety of leftovers as people buy or cook far too much. With leftover turkey, ensure you use it to make a delicious meal on Boxing Day, such as a curry, stew, sandwich or soup. With any food that you don’t want to reuse or give away, you can put it all in your compost heap, whether you have one at home or locally. This will help to fertilise your garden after Christmas, especially helpful during the winter as our gardens need all the nutrients they can get.

Here at Skip It, we love Christmas and we also love recycling. We think christmas recycling over Christmas is a great way to ensure you are still helping the environment whilst having a fantastic time. If you’d like more information or advice on christmas recycling, don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Skip It team by giving us a call on 01273 608711 or by visiting our contact page.

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