Safe and Efficient Skip Loading

When you’ve hired a skip, it’s important to load it a way which is safe and also makes the most of the volume. Here at Skip It Containers, we have put together a brief guide which will help you to stay safe whilst loading your skip.

how to load a skip safely

Leave your skip where we left it

Although it can be tempting to move your skip slightly, perhaps nearer the entrance to your garden, or slightly further down the road to keep a touchy neighbour happy, please don’t do this.

When Skip It Containers delivers your skip, it is deliberately left in a certain location to ensure that it is safe for you to load and that we are not breaking the law when it comes to taking your skip away. There are regulations that we have to follow in regards to sloped roads, or powerlines and trees overhead. When we deliver your skip, your driver will ensure that it is left in the best position, and he/she will agree on this with you.

If you feel that we have put your skip in an inconvenient location, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Evenly distribute contents

Perhaps you have recently moved house or are having a clear out – large flat items, such as doors and table tops, are fantastic for lining the bottom of a skip. Keep heavier items at the bottom of your skip so the centre of gravity is lower – this will ensure that the skip can be transported safely. Try to pack the skip evenly, and avoid spacing. This will mean that the weight distribution is even, and you will be making the most of the skip volume you’ve paid for!

Some skips, with longer inclined plates, can topple over if heavier waste isn’t evenly distributed across the base of the skip.

Ensure that all items are contained within the skip

It is vital that you ensure your waste is all contained within your skip and must not exceed the height of the skip. It is illegal to transport a skip if its contents exceed its volume. If anything has the potential to slide or fall out of the skip then this is extremely dangerous while the skip is both stationary, and especially when being transported. Imagine driving behind the vehicle transporting that skip – would you feel safe?

You can avoid problems here by ensuring that you order the correct size skip for your rubbish. For some advice, contact our friendly team.

Don’t place dangerous items in your skip

Items such as gas canisters, hazardous liquids and solvents, tyres and asbestos must not be disposed of in a skip. For more information on items which need to be disposed of separately, please take a look at our FAQ's.

Need some help loading your skip?

If you’re still unsure of how to load a Skip safely, the friendly team here at Skip It Containers can advise you.

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