Why Recycle?

It’s no secret that recycling has a positive impact on our surroundings, hence why we are all encouraged to recycle as much as we can. However, it is not always made clear to us as to why we should be recycling and how our actions can influence the environment, with even the smallest steps having significant results.

how recycling helps the environment


More waste gets put into landfills every single day, meaning an already large environmental issue is getting even bigger. Products that are non-biodegradable can remain in a landfill site for years and years on end, and they often release harmful gases. A lot of non-biodegradable products are in fact recyclable, and keeping something as widely recycled as paper out of landfill sites can prove to be a huge step towards fixing the issue.


Landfill sites work towards polluting the environment by the harmful gases that are released from non-biodegradable products. By simply reducing the amount of waste within a landfill site through practicing recycling, we can help to decrease the pollution that is caused. Since the typical recyclable product emits less carbon, it therefore reduces the carbon footprint on the environment.


The practice of recycling items can use less energy than manufacturing products from scratch. For example, making paper that is used from previous recycled products uses less energy than making paper from brand new wood. Growing trees is great for the environment, but when the paper they make is going directly into landfill sites rather than being recycled, the damage can be greater as harmful gases are emitted, as well as the paper needing to be made from scratch again and again.


Not only energy consumption, but reducing the use of new manufactured products also has positive effects on natural habitats and global warming. Reducing the need for raw materials, such as wood from trees for paper, heavily assists in preserving natural areas and habitats like rainforests. Getting into the habit of recycling paper can help to reduce the greenhouse gases that are emitted and of which cause global warming.


Recycling is a great way to practice reducing personal costs. There are multiple ways this can be executed, for example, many people choose to recycle leaves and grass in order to make their own compost- saving costs on buying it. Finding ways to save money through recycling helps the environment in the end. If people are able to see a difference in the amount of money saved, they are more likely to keep at it.

Recycling is an easy step we can all take in order to help protect our environment. That’s why, at Skip It Containers, 97% of your waste is recycled and 0% is taken to landfill sites. If you’d like to find out more about what happens to your waste, or how you can take recycling further, get in touch with a member of the team today by giving us a call on 01273 608711 or by visiting out contact page.

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