Repurpose Household Waste

There are some items we throw away as household waste without giving it a second thought. However, these items could have another life out in the garden, serving a new purpose.

repurpose household waste


Much of our household food waste can be recycled as compost in the garden. It can make a tremendous difference to your household waste output, and if we all combined our efforts to save our food waste, we could stop contributing to the 7 million tonnes of food that’s thrown away every year. Believe it or not, throwing away food is actually a waste of energy, water, packaging, transportation and storage. Plus, rotting food released methane which is actually a harmful greenhouse gas. So the simple action of throwing food in the bin has far greater significance than you’d expect.

Foods you can compost are: uncooked fruit and vegetable peelings, tea bags, tea leaves, coffee grounds and egg shells.

Not only that but you can make compost from young weeds, grass cuttings, animal and poultry manure, cardboard, paper, paper towels, paper bags and straw. To find out how to compost, visit Recycle Now.

Plastic bottles

Here are a few ways you can reuse plastic bottles in your garden:

Bird feeder

Fill a plastic bottle with bird seed and create a hanging bird feeder. Recycling or repurposing a plastic bottle means one less bottle being thrown away, and it would also be a great way to attract more birds to your garden. If you feel like taking this project a step further, you could decorate the outside of the bottle so it complements the rest of your garden. But remember not to decorate it too much, otherwise, you won’t know when the bird food needs topping up!


Another use for the plastic bottle is a hanging planter. It can be a unique, inexpensive alternative to buying an ordinary pot from the shop. You can make one in a few simple steps, and like the bird feeder, feel free to experiment with design ideas. You could even put some of your homemade compost inside!


Your empty jars could be used to make pretty lanterns or tea light holders, creating a lovely ambience when dotted around the garden on summer evenings. Like the planter and bird feeder, jars have a many possibilities for customisation. When you don’t want to use them in summer, you can always bring them indoors to create a cosy atmosphere – so they’re perfect all year round.

Some of the things we consider waste can offer great opportunities for reusing and recycling. Here at Skip-it, our ethos is built around being green and environmentally conscious. Feel free to read up on our recycling practices.

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