WHY Choosing the Right Company is Essential!

Many consumers rely upon the resources of a skip hire company in order to ensure a safe disposal of waste. Although this is a noble effort, there are still times when a rogue trader can actually make things worse. For example, a Doncaster firm was recently fined £1,500 pounds for illegal dumping (1). The truth is that such situations are more common than you may think. How can you be assured that you have chosen the most responsible company for your needs?

Licencing and Certifications

All transparent skip hire companies should be able to prove that they possess the proper licences and governmental certifications. Examples include recognition by the Environmental Agency as well as the appropriate site management licences. If a company is unwilling or unable to provide such proof, there are chances that their services are less than ethical.

Their Attitude Towards Recycling

Any skip hire service should be aware the effects of waste on the environment as well as how these consequences can translate down to the average taxpayer. The best firms endeavour to recycle as much waste as possible through the use of stringent separation and sorting processes. There are two benefits associated with this attention to detail:

  • Finite resources within the environment can be protected from damage.
  • Recycled products will save on production costs; saving the consumer money.

The main takeaway point involves finding a company which cares about the environment and is not motivated by profits alone.

Keeping Ethics in Mind

The concept of "out of sight, out of mind" often comes into play when dealing with the waste management community. In other words, few consumers are concerned how their rubbish is dealt with once it has been collected from a skip hire service. This can become a real problem if you happen to choose an immoral or unethical organisation. How are you to know what happens with the waste? Will it be recycled, will it fall into a landfill or might fly tipping occur? Such a practice damages the environment and it costs the unassuming taxpayer a substantial amount of money each year. The best skip hire firms are always able to provide you with detailed descriptions of their disposal processes.

End-User Research

In terms of the safe disposal of waste, online research is one of the best ways to encounter a worthwhile firm. Using third-party comparison sites and examining each provider in detail will offer a wealth of information. Once you have encountered a handful of potential providers, contact them directly and ask about their services as well as what guidelines they adhere to. A representative will normally be more than happy to help. Finally, search for customer reviews in order to better understand what you can expect.

You Get What You Pay For

Choosing the cheapest skip hire firm is not necessarily the best option. Who is to tell whether or not they are cutting any corners? Do they appreciate the effects of waste on the environment? Are they properly recycling materials or will the substances eventually find their way into a local landfill? It is an unfortunate fact that rock-bottom pricing packages are often associated with substandard services, so be careful.

In order to avoid the situations mentioned above, it is best to choose a reliable firm with a proven track record. If you care about the environment and efficient recycling techniques, feel free to contact Skip It Waste Removal and Skip Hire on 01273 608711.

1. https://www.doncasterfreepress.co.uk/news/crime/company-fined-1-500-with-clear-up-costs-of-3-679-for-dumping-waste-in-doncaster-1-8678236

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