Recycling Facts

There are plenty of items we know are safe to recycle, but, you may not have considered these items before. We thought we’d fill you in, so you can broaden your recycling horizons!

things you didnt know you could recycle

1. Oil

As we all know, oil can form a film on the surface of water. It’s for that reason we aren’t meant to pour any oily chemicals or antifreeze down the drain or on the ground. If you find yourself with oil or oily chemicals and you don’t know what to do with it, take it to a collection point for recycling.

2. Electronics

We can accumulate a great number of electronics over an extended period of time, and without realising it, we might end up with a decade’s worth of gadgets and cables scattered around the house. As tempting as it might be, don’t throw them away – recycle them instead! Throwing away large amounts of metal can end up in the soil, which can be detrimental to the environment. It would also be a massive waste of resources because there’s loads of metal, plastic and glass that can be recovered from electronics.

3. Old furniture

If you have an old sofa or cabinets you’re not using but haven’t thrown away, you have a great opportunity for recycling. There are a variety of recycling facilities ready and waiting to accept any furniture you don’t want anymore.

4. Ink

As most printer ink cartridges contain toxic materials, they are prohibited from going into the bin. To help you dispose of these items safely, Staples will take your old cartridges for recycling. Some supply stores even offer discounts on your next ink cartridge purchase when you bring one in for recycling.

5. CD & DVD cases

CD and DVD cases can take up a fair amount of space at home – you could solve that problem by burning digital copies onto your hard drive, and by swapping the plastic cases for fabric ones. You could pop the plastic cases in your recycling bin, provided they are accepted for recycling in your area as services can vary across the country. If you want to dispose of the CD and DVD discs as well, there are organisations that can recycle them for you.

6. CFL bulbs

Compact Fluorescent Lamp bulbs contain tiny bits of mercury which makes them unsuitable for your normal recycling bin. However, IKEA accepts bulbs and can safely dispose of them for you.

7. Car

Ever thought about recycling your old car? There are car recyclers that can dispose of your vehicle in an environmentally safe way – some even pay you for doing business with them. Or you could just recycle some of the components like the tyres or the motor oil. These resources can be invaluable for producing new products and generating energy.

Our opportunities for recycling are greater than we realise. There are countless facilities to help us do so, and Skip-It is one of them. We focus our efforts on making sure none of your waste ends up in landfill. Find out more about our recycling policies.

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